What is Marshaling?

Marshaling is the term given to the job the people on the ground who operates rally controls such as starts and finishes as well as the people who control spectators on stages and make sure the stage is safe to run.
Without marshals, no event can take place. It is as simple as that! Every sporting event organized by the JMMC needs marshals, and all marshals, whatever they are doing, are serving a useful purpose and contributing to the success of the event and the smooth running of the organization.
Why be a Marshal?

Marshalling is of course one way in which the enthusiast can become actively involved, and contribute something to the sport. Motorsport Marshaling Teams perform a very important role – They assist in ensuring that events run safely and smoothly.
Since 2004 the JMMC has embarked on marshal training sessions especially as it relates to marshalling special stages rally. It is the aim of the JMMC to expand on the frequency of the training sessions. Marshal training usually covers the JMMC Rules ad Regulations governing events and competitors and official responsibilities, use of flags and other safety equipment.
What does a Marshals do exactly?

On all rallies especially, marshals also double as Radio crews checking the passage of cars through a stage by keeping a checksheet of the cars as they pass. They also look out for cars that may go ‘missing’ during a stage whether it is because of breaking down etc between posts and out of sight or any accident of sorts.
Marshalling can be a very rewarding experience as you often get the chance to get to places that spectators cannot go. It makes you feel more involved in the event than if you were a spectator and you can give something back to the sport in terms of your resource.
How many Marshals per location is needed?

Marshals are required in sufficient numbers to keep stages running safely – a minimum of 3 marshals per post are needed at set locations plus the start and finish crews and spectator areas.
How do I sign up to be a Marshal for Rally Jamaica?

Its quite simple really, just inform the chief marshal/ marshal crew leader of the event that you would like to attend and he/she will allocate you a stage and/or location on that stage.
But I have never Marshaled before?

No problem, let the Chief Marshal or Marshal Crew Leader know that you have never marshaled before and he will partner you with an experienced marshal so you can learn from them as well as ensure you get the proper training thereafter to become a fully functioning event marshal.
We want you!!

Competitors are being encouraged to marshal at events which they aren’t competing each year to give something back to the sport. Otherwise the dwindling pool we now have will compromise safety. Competitors entrust their safety to marshals on stages. How would you feel if you went off and there weren’t enough marshals on that stage meaning no-one was there to help?
Marshal Volunteers Needed – Volunteer Now.

If you are interested in becoming an event marshal please contact the
JMMC offices at 934-1288 /322-5314 or via email at marshallclub@yahoo.com.

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